Pegasus/Picoblaze Calculator

The purpose of this exercice is to get you acquitted with the process of integrating, compiling and synthetising microcontroller IP components. The task is to build a simple calculator for the Pegasus/Picoblaze platform.


The hardware/software platform for this exercice is comprised by several different items:


In this development flow, you need to generate hardware as well as software. Each time you build a new application and assemble it with the Picoblaze assember, you will have a new .vhd file that contains the memory definitions for your application. With this new definition, you will run through the synthesis process through ISE Project Manager, and implement it in the Pegasus Board by downloading the new bitfile into the FPGA with ISE Impact


For this exercice, you will implement a simple calculator for the Picoblaze/Pegasus system, for which the following functionalities are required:

In the first version, the result register is 8-bit wide. In the final version, it must be 16-bit wide.