High level synthesis of a FIR filter

The goal of this exercise is to walk you through a high level synthesis flow. To achieve this we will use Catapult to generate different RTL descriptions of FIR filter. The FIR is implemented in C++ and we will see how the same high level implementation can be used to generate several different hardware architectures.

To continue with the exercise, you must first understand what a FIR filter is, then download the exercise source code and follow the script.

Don't forget to add the following license environment variables before launching Catapult:

    export MGLS_LICENSE_FILE=1720@sv1.lisha.ufsc.br
    export LM_LICENSE_FILE=1720@sv1.lisha.ufsc.br

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Note: this exercise is based on the Lab4 of the Catapult basic training provided by Mentor Graphics.