Software/Hardware Integration

Software/Hardware Integration is an optional advanced course on Operating Systems offered within the context of our Computer Science Degree Program. It is a practical course dedicated to study important aspects of the interaction between hardware and operating system, focusing mainly on embedded systems. LINUX and EPOS build the foundations for the course's practical exercises.


The formal requisite for this course are Operating System I and Computer Architecture I. Operating System II and Microprocessors Laboratory are recommended.

Program (72 hours)

Topic Notes Hours
1 - Introduction notes 4
2 - Computer Architecture Revisited
2.1 - Processors
page 6
2.2 - Busses
page 4
2.3 - Devices
page 6
3 - Operating System Revisited
3.1 - System architecture
notes link 2
3.2 - Startup
notes 2
3.3 - LINUX device drivers
notes 8
4 - Software/Hardware Integration Project
4.1 - Design
4.2 - Implementation
4.3 - Presentation
5 - Discussion 2


Students will have their skills to do software/hardware integration by means of a project. Projects are evaluate in three phases: design, implementation, and presentation of results.


  1. PCI mapper module
  2. DMA buffer module
  3. Myrinet sample driver
  4. Embedded PPC program


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