Intel Quark Education Project at UFSC

In the third quarter of 2014, the Brazilian Education Division of Intel and UFSC established a collaboration to exploit the classroom potentiality of the Galileo board and its Quark SoC. The main goals established for the project are:




  1. Led blinking (GPIO)
  2. Digital thermometer (ADC, analog sensor)
  3. Light Dimmer (ADC, analog sensor, PWM)
  4. Automatic Light Dimmer (ADC, analog sensor, PWM)
  5. Anti Collision for Cars
  6. Acessing the Linux @bash on Intel Galileo to compile codes in C/C++, Java or Python and manipulate GPIOs
  7. Controlling a servo using a potentiometer via Intel Galileo and showing the rotation angle of the servo shaft on the Arduino Terminal
  8. Controlling a digital output using a LDR.
  9. Temperature control using a NTC Thermistor (10K) and a 5V Cooler
  10. Turning on a buzzer by a push-button.
  11. Saving data from ADCs into a SD Card and into the Galileo‘s EEPROM.